Permits and Registration

The information on this page is designed to help you with:


Permit-only courses and prerequisite overrides:

  • Email the professor teaching the course including the course prefix and number (e.g. BIOL 1510), the course CRN, and your GTID using "Permit Request" for the subject line. Explain which permit you are requesting and why you believe you qualify for that specific permit. Request that professor copy Benita Black on their response at Benita.Black (at)

Important: You must still register for the course if you receive a permit.

Overloads are not issued for BIOL courses; please use the Waitlist feature for the opportunity to enroll in a course which is full.


Biology undergraduate research (credit or pay):

Research for credit: Register for BIOL 4699; up to six of these hours can count as Biology electives; the rest will count as free electives.

Research for pay: Register for BIOL 4698; this is a non-credit, audit-only courses.

Registration details: The course section for which you will register is composed of the first three letters of your professor's last name. These four courses are variable-hour courses. You and your professor must agree upon the number of hours for which you'll register (usually one registered hour equals three hours work in the lab per week). After registering for the course, follow these instructions to change the default from one hour.

Whether you are conducting research for credit or for pay, request a permit according to the instructions above for permit-only Biology courses.


APPH 1040 (Foundations of Health) Overload Permits

A waitlist will be added to each section during PHASE II registration. Waitlists will be reviewed for overloads with Seniors and Juniors having priority. Remember to watch the registration system closely, especially during the first week of classes. Seats frequently become available during that time.


BIOL 2354/2355 (Honors Genetics) and BIOL 2337/2338 (Honors Ecology)

Honors genetics and honors ecology are smaller, discussion-based classes with project-based laboratories. These courses are highly recommended for any student interested in research. The prerequisite is a grade of A or B in BIOL 1510/1511. You may request a permit if your GPA is at least 3.0 and you have the prerequisite by emailing your GT ID# and the appropriate CRNs to the professor teaching the course. The email subject should be "2354 permit request" or "2337 permit request." You must also co-register for BIOL 2355 or 2338.


BIOL 4015 (Cancer Biology and Technology) and other class-restricted Biology courses

Some biology courses, such as BIOL 4015 (Cancer Biology and Technology) are restricted to Seniors. Juniors whose record shows that they will be seniors by the term in question may request a permit by emailing their GT ID# and the appropriate CRNs to  The email subject line should be "[Course number] rising senior permit request." (For example, "4015 rising senior permit request")


BIOL 4590 (Research Project Lab) and BIOL 4460 (Communicating Biological Research)

BIOL 4460 (Communicating Biological Research) replaces BIOL 4450 (Senior Seminar).  BIOL 4590 (Research Project Lab) must be taken as a co-requisite with BIOL 4460; BIOL 4690/4910 may either be taken as a prerequisite or co-requisite course with BIOL 4460. You will not be able to register for BIOL 4460 unless you are concurrently registered with either BIOL 4590, 4690, or 4910, or have already taken BIOL 4690 and 4910. BIOL 4690 and 4910 are permit-only, and you must request and be issued the permit before you can register for 4460 and 4690/4910. Registration for these courses is class-restricted to Senior students. For BIOL 4590 and 4460, juniors whose record shows that they will be seniors by the term in question may request a permit by emailing their GT ID# and the appropriate CRNs to The email subject should be "Project lab permit request."

More information about the senior research experience can be found here.


BIOL 4690 or 4910 (Independent Research Project/Honors Research Thesis):

Email Dr. Michael Goodisman, Associate Chair for the Undergraduate Program, with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your GTID (90) number
  • The name of your faculty research mentor
  • A brief description of your proposed research topic
  • A confirmation email from your mentor independently sent to the Associate Chair (email address listed above)



Permits for courses in other departments:

The Center for Academic Success has a centralized resource for permits and overloads in other departments here. To request permits for courses in other departments, follow the instructions in OSCAR for the course in question. It is up to each school to decide on a case-by-case basis if you are to be allowed into a restricted course. Most restrictions are indicated in OSCAR beneath each course title. Most "permit-required" courses are those that require a professor's personal approval because they involve working in their lab. Other courses may be restricted to specific majors or class levels such as freshmen only, or no freshmen allowed. If you feel that your circumstances warrant being allowed into a course regardless of restrictions, you must request a permit from the professor or school that is offering the course. Keep in mind that this is a request, and as such may not be given. But then again, you might get lucky.


General registration help:

During Phase 1 and Phase 2 registration, you may begin registering for classes as soon as your time-ticket opens. To confirm how your courses fit into your degree requirements, check DegreeWorks after you register. If you have concerns about how your courses are attributed in DegreeWorks, please contact your academic advisor. The B.S. Biology degree can be completed in 8 semesters if you complete approximately 15 hours in each semester. This will often include one or two lab courses per semester.

Other registration-related information:
  • CLASS RESTRICTION: Enrollment in this course is restricted by class (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.). You can ask for a class restriction permit.
  • COURSE CLOSED: If a waitlist is attached to the course and there is space, place your name on the waitlist and you will receive an automated email if a space becomes available.  You will have 12 hours to register for the course.  If you do not register within the allotted time, you will lose your spot and will have to add your name back on the waitlist.  **Overloads are not given for Biology courses**
  • LINK ERROR, LINKED COURSES: Courses composed of one or more lecture sections and multiple recitation or lab sections may be "linked" in the Banner computer system to allow flexibility in scheduling and registration. Linking allows a student to register for one of many different permutations of lecture and lab. In the printed OSCAR and on OSCAR Web, a notation appears beneath the lecture section of a course stating, "You must also register for one of the following...," showing you which labs are available with this lecture section. When you register for such a linked course, you MUST submit the computer reference numbers (CRNs) for the lecture section and the lab section AT THE SAME TIME. Otherwise, Banner will think that you are trying to register for only half of a course, and it will give you a Link Error.
  • OVERLOADS: Overloads are NOT given for Biology courses. Biology uses the Waitlist feature to assist our majors with course registration (see Waitlists below).
  • PERMITS: See the information at the top of this page for requesting permits.  Important: You must still register for the course if you receive a permit.
  • PREREQUISITES: Many biology courses require that you have already taken other lower-level courses so that you will have the knowledge necessary to understand the concepts presented in the course. There are some rare situations when a professor will allow you to take a course without having had the prerequisite course(s). You can request a permit as described above. If you have taken all prerequisite courses and Banner is not recognizing them, contact Benita.Black (at) with all of the information requested on the permit request form above. A professor’s signature or email is not required in this case.
  • VARIABLE HOUR COURSES: Variable hour courses are indicated in OSCAR under the CR HRS (credit hours) column as a range of hours, usually one to twenty-one, or one to nine. Generally, the professor with whom you will be working determines the number of hours for which you will be registered. You should consult with him/her before registering. When you register online for a variable hour course, the default number of credit hours is one. At the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page, click on the "Change Class Options" link to change the number of credit hours.
  • WAITLISTS: Biology uses the Waitlist feature to assist our majors with course registration. The waitlist allows students who want to enroll in a full course to sign up on a virtual waitlist and sequentially offers a seat when another student drops. Because of this feature, we do not allow students to overload into our courses. If a section has no available seats, students will be able to register for the waitlist. Registering on a waitlist does not guarantee that you will receive a seat in the section. If seats become available, the system will automatically issue an email notification with permission to register to the next student on the waitlist. Notifications are only valid for a short time period (usually 12 hrs); after that time, the permission to register expires and the seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. If you require a course in a specific semester for an on-time degree completion, you should waitlist and then contact your advisor for assistance. The waitlist notifications will start once all time tickets are open in either Phase I or Phase II. If a section has a waitlist, the open seats are reserved for the people on top of the waitlist. Do not drop your current section unless you want to be waitlisted. The waitlists will not be purged between registration phases, i.e. students that register on the waitlist for a section in Phase I will retain their spot on the list for Phase II. Check on the registrar’s website for details of waitlist timing; typically, the last round of waitlist notifications will be issued at 5pm ET the day before registration closes. After 5pm ET, the waitlist is no longer functioning and all remaining open seats are first-come, first-served.
  • Refer to the Registrar's page on Common Registration Errors and Solutions for more registration help

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