Research Option

The Research Option (RO) gives you a competitive advantage on getting into graduate and professional schools.  It offers an intensive, multi-semester research experience, an undergraduate honors thesis, and the RO designation appears on your transcript.

With faculty guidance, you write a brief proposal, perform independent and original research, and write a thesis about your work.  This plan requires that you conduct 9 credit hours of supervised research over multiple semesters.  The first 6 credit hours are taken by any combination of BIOL 2698, 2699, 4698, or 4699.  You then take either BIOL 4690 or 4910 for the remaining 3 credit hours of research. 

In addition, you must take two one credit-hour writing courses, LMC 4701 (Research Proposal Writing) and LMC 4702 (Research Thesis Writing).  These writing courses can be counted as Biology breadth electives.  You should take LMC 4701 the semester before you complete your Senior Research Experience, and LMC 4702 during the same semester you complete your Senior Research Experience.  For example, you might take 3 credits of BIOL 4699 in the spring, 3 credits of BIOL 4698 and LMC 4701 in the fall, and then BIOL 4910 and LMC 4702 in the next spring.

Students interested in pursuing the RO must apply through the UROP website.

LMC 4701 and 4702 are permit-only courses and you must contact the UROP office for permits.  

See the UROP website for more information:

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