Student Organizations

The American Medical Student Association

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a student-governed organization committed to the concerns of students who hope to become physicians.  AMSA has a national membership of about 28,000, composed of premedical and medical students, interns and medical residents. The GA Tech AMSA chapter meets every two to three weeks throughout the school year. Guest speakers include campus premedical advisors, regional medical school admissions officers, and representatives of MCAT preparation firms. Students from the GT AMSA chapter attend regional and national AMSA meetings. Dues: $20 annually. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mira Brockett


The American Red Cross Club

The American Red Cross Club (ARCC) helps students gain leadership experience through service to the university community and the community-at-large. The GT ARCC chapter plans all the blood drives on campus, organizes a GT-led national blood drive project on 9/11 of each year, hosts monthly CPR/First Aid classes for GT students, and plans numerous service events on and off campus. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shana Kerr


American Society for Microbiology

The GA Tech chapter of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is a student group promoting the field of microbiology as both a study and a career. The group fosters interaction between students and faculty interested in microbiology, awareness of career opportunities in microbiology, and intellectual curiosity related to the field.  Sponsored Meetings and events occur monthly.  Past events include visits by guest microbiologists from Georgia Tech, the CDC, and Emory; screening of movie related to microbiology; “Microbiology Jeopardy” night; and outreach opportunities at local K-12 institutions. Students also have opportunities to attend regional and national ASM meetings. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brian Hammer


GA Tech Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) chapter

The GA Tech Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) chapter is a branch of the national biology honor society dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending human knowledge through scientific research.  Full membership is restricted to students with a GPA of at least 3.0 in their biology courses and completion of at least one biology course beyond introductory biology.  Associate membership is available to all students. Members enjoy a variety of activities including social gatherings and field trips, as well as the national quarterly newsletter. National once-in-a-lifetime membership dues are $45 and $35 (full and associate membership, respectively), in addition to local dues of $10 per year. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeannette Yen


Biology Student Advisory Committee (BSAC)

The Biology Student Advisory Committee (BSAC) is a student organization open to any undergraduate Biology major who has been in the major for at least one semester.  The purpose of this organization is to provide student recommendations on curriculum, advising or any other issue relevant to undergraduate students to the School of Biological Sciences administration. BSAC also facilitates student-faculty interaction by co-sponsoring yearly picnics and other undergraduate activities. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shana Kerr


Junior STEM

Junior STEM promotes the academic and professional development of students from social, cultural, or racial groups underrepresented in the sciences.  While the society is geared towards the development of students from underrepresented groups, it is open to all students.  Faculty Advisors: Dr. Shana Kerr and Dr. Keith Oden


GA Tech Pre-Vet Club

The GA Tech Pre-Vet Club is open to students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. The Pre-Vet Club provides a network of academic and professional support, as well as a fun environment to connect with fellow students interested in similar goals. We host speakers from admissions boards of Veterinary schools, tour the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta (behind the scenes), as well as put on fundraisers and bake sales for local animal shelters. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chrissy Spencer


Georgia Tech Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life movement is the world’s largest fundraising event aimed at ending cancer. Georgia Tech Relay for Life is part of this global movement, serving as a year-long fundraising event that benefits individuals that have cancer and their caretakers. All proceeds directly benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS) and individuals in our community, allowing us to continue doing research to find a cure and enabling us to fund programs such as Hope Lodge, Road to Recovery, and the ACS Hotline. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Teresa Snow


Student Hospital Connections

Student Hospital Connections, a student-run organization at Georgia Tech, streamlines volunteer opportunities at local hospitals. SHC accepts new members who are interested in volunteering at Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center (AMC) at the start of each semester, and provides weekly volunteer shuttles to Grady and AMC and carpooling. SHC also hosts social events that not only allow students to meet medical professionals, but also provide the opportunity to become acquainted with other students in the pre-health community at Georgia Tech. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shana Kerr


Other student organizations of interest:

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